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How will the dog survive the New Year?

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For the human part of the family, New Year's holidays are an exciting time: the house is festively decorated, the whole family gathers, presents and special treats. However, the holidays also bring with them a number of dangers for dogs. Read more about how to spend 
the New Year and Christmas holidays with a dog.

Dog safety in the New Year

1. Beeswax candles radiate a special comfort. For this reason, families decorate their homes with real candles during New Year's or Christmas celebrations. But if there is a dog in the house, an open flame poses a high safety risk. It will be safer to put candles only in places inaccessible to your four-legged friend. A coffee table will not work: a dog can knock a candle off the table, set itself or the tablecloth on fire. Don't leave your furry friend unattended with burning candles. If you want to avoid these dangers, use LED candles. On the market now you can find models that look relatively realistic. Either way, it's safer for your dog.

2. The next danger is a treat. Christmas goose, chocolate, cookies - all this fills the house during the New Year celebration. However, these products have no place in a dog's bowl. Because meat with sauce and spices may be too fatty or spicy for your furry friend. Your four-legged friend can easily get diarrhea after you feed him the leftovers from your feast. And chocolate is generally very toxic for dogs. Instead, treat your pet to dog treats such as beef jerky or rabbit ears. And so that your pet does not ask for food from the table, we recommend that you review the tips.
Watch the video for advice from the school's veterinary nutritionist on how to safely give your dog New Year's treats:

3. A lovingly decorated Christmas tree can also be dangerous for your four-legged: make sure the tree is securely attached to the stand? Or will it fall when your enthusiastic four-legged friend starts sniffing around the tree or simply tail flying around it? Another danger is Christmas decorations, gift ribbons: if your four-legged companion swallows something so attractively hanging on a Christmas tree, it can lead to intestinal obstruction. Therefore, choose wooden or cardboard jewelry, they are less dangerous than plastic or metal ones. Completely discard tinsel, rain, beads, garlands and gift ribbons.
And you can also congratulate the dog with new interesting toys - a list of games for dogs that your pets will definitely like.

Happy and safe holidays to you and your four-legged ones!