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Products for dogs that are sure to surprise?

Since you are reading material about dogs, you most likely have a faithful four-legged friend. And what does your dog have? What toys, accessories does the pet have? After all, tasty and high-quality food is not enough for these extremely intelligent animals. Their high intelligence requires constant training, new tasks and challenges. By the way, the list of intelligent games for dogs is available here;

What does a dog need for health and comfort?

In order for the dog to feel happy, he must have:
  1. Host.
  2. Tasty and healthy food and water.
  3. Ammunition.
  4. The most necessary accessories for care.
  5. Functional toys.
  6. Carrying case for trips and travels (even if you are a homebody with a ponytail).

We think that every dog ​​owner understands that he is number 1, the most important value in a dog's life. Neither food nor an interesting toy will hold the pet when he feels that the owner is already at the door. Only dogs are capable of such absolutely sincere love and devotion, which we receive regardless of personal qualities, achievements or status.
Society, in spite of everything, is gradually becoming more humane, people gradually begin to appreciate what they previously considered ordinary things, without thinking about their own responsibility. The market of pet products also reoriented itself to new demands. There are many offers for dogs that were previously impossible to imagine.
But among the latest innovative products for dogs, there are some that will surprise the most critical skeptics. Let's consider some amazing options.

Miracle diapers

Is it difficult to take a dog's urine for analysis? It's different, you say: sometimes it comes out easily and quickly, sometimes you have to run a little, and sometimes you have to be very dizzy until you get the "desired liquid".
And if it is a baby or a weak animal that cannot go out for a walk, and a diaper is used as a toilet? How to be in this case?

By the way, modern manufacturers have developed many options for diapers: 
  • disposable or reusable; 
  • with attractants to calm or train puppies; 
  • flavored or hypoallergenic eco diapers.
Each of the options is unique, with good consumer characteristics, but among them there are some that impress, for example, disposable diapers toys for dogs for testing disorders and diseases of the urinary tract.
This innovative product allows you to make a preliminary conclusion about the dog's health without gloom and fuss. The reagents present among the layers of the diaper already make it possible to analyze the indicators of the animal's urine according to 10 parameters:
  • Bilirubin level (BIL).
  • Urobilinogen (URO).
  • The level of ketone bodies (KET).
  • Red blood cells (BLD).
  • Protein level (PRO).
  • Salts (NIT).
  • Blood concentration (WBS).
  • Glucose (GLU).
  • Specific gravity of urine (SG).
  • Urine pH level (pH).
At first glance, these are ordinary diapers, but they come with 10 more urine tests that allow you to analyze the state of the pet's urinary system according to ten indicators. Such a thing will greatly facilitate the situation when the dog is sick and tests must be done constantly.
Let all the dogs in the world be healthy, but it is worth knowing that such a useful thing already exists and is actively used even by veterinarians.

Magic spoon

Among the modern problems with the health of dogs, it is worth noting excess weight. Also: dogs are ready to share both joys and problems with their owners. Responsible owners should monitor the pet's weight and not overfeed it.

In order to make the feeding process as comfortable as possible for dogs and owners, a measuring spoon-scale for dosing feed was developed. You simply scoop up food with a spoon and immediately see how many grams of food the tail will receive. All feed packages have recommended feeding rates. They can and should be adjusted depending on the individual characteristics of the pet and your lifestyle.
In this way, you can eliminate the manipulative actions of the tailed trickster who looks at you with sad eyes and asks for another portion from the equation of fighting excess weight: you always know exactly how much food the dog got!
Gradually, the dog will also learn to respect the objective indicators of the unbiased electronic scoreboard and stop putting pressure on you.

Smart bowl for dogs

Slow-feeding bowls were designed for too hasty and unbalanced dogs, who rush to eat their lunch in a second, without even having time to realize the process
There are various design options for such bowls, but the bottom line is the same: the bottom of the dish has a certain relief, which makes it difficult for the dog to access the food. You still have to get food, you have to try, you have to think. So, the bowl also brings the animal intellectual satisfaction from its own achievements. Thanks to this know-how, dogs learn:
  • focus not on the process;
  • analyze the conditions and change behavior depending on the circumstances (not everything is done on the spur of the moment, sometimes slow, calm actions give a better result);
  • enjoy the process ("the food obtained is much tastier").
Gradually, the animal will become calm and balanced, and not only while eating!

A gentle helper massager brush for bathing a dog

Unfortunately, not all dogs like water treatments, and some animals perceive bathing as a personal drama and may resent even their beloved owner a few days later.But if you add a massager brush with an ergonomic handle for bathing a dog to the process, then troubles will quickly transform into pleasure: such bathing is positively perceived by all dogs without exception! And here's why:
  • silicone teeth are gentle even on the most sensitive skin;
  • contact with teeth is extremely pleasant for animals;
  • comfortable ergonomic handle does not tire the owner;
  • shampoo foams better under the action of a brush;
  • the use of a massager brush allows you to clean the skin and fur better, especially when the pet is fluffy;
  • with the help of a brush, the hair that has already fallen out is removed;
  • over time, bathing begins to be perceived by the animal as a pleasant scratching;
  • massager brush is suitable for cats and dogs.
The developers of products for dogs also took care of combing after bathing.

Deshedder for hair removal is a tireless fighter for good hair on the dog, and not all over the apartment

This tool is known to most dog owners, but in different versions, it copes with its functions in different ways. Deshedder is intended for animals with an undercoat, it is not needed in the care of breeds with only the main type of wool.
If the tool is of proper quality, then its use makes the life of the owner and the dog much easier: the hair becomes less, the dog is well-groomed and beautiful, the process takes little time, so the pet does not have time to get tired and bored, and in the future perceives the procedure more positively. Quality tools are distinguished by:
  • comfortable ergonomic handle;
  • steel working part;
  • automatic resetting of wool removal from the canvas.
A fluffy pet must be trained to comb from a young age.It is worth starting only if the dog is calm and in a good mood. So the care will not burden anyone, and some should even get a treat afterwards as a reward for patience (not the owner!).
Meanwhile, the reward for the dog does not necessarily have to be food. The intelligence of these animals, no less than food, needs new impressions, exercises and activities.

Friends for adventures and emotional experiences: eco-toys for dogs.

Play is an integral part of a healthy dog's life. The animal should have its own park of toys made of different materials and different shapes. Now there are universal versions of toys made of recycled plastic. More precisely, from a safe fiber that was obtained in the process of recycling plastic bottles.
They are distinguished by a combination of materials of different texture and hardness, collected in one toy. Beautiful, touching characters were made taking into account the anatomy of a dog's mouth, so they are comfortable and pleasant to play. Dogs like them very much! Such toys also bring pleasure to the owners, because they give the opportunity to participate in the preservation of the environment:
  • the fiber from which they were made is obtained from recycled plastic bottles;
  • bottle plastic, which decomposes in nature for almost 500 years, was processed and as a result, a high-quality, safe material was obtained;
  • eco toy, after use, will already decompose and not pollute the environment.
Did you imagine that a dog toy could be so useful to the world?

Stylish carriers for striking shows with a dog

We are used to the fact that carriers are such restrictions of freedom and will that dogs do not like, and owners feel guilty when they have to use outdated boxes for transporting animals. 
We have to calm down: currently there are already good and comfortable carriers!
They are made of high-quality plastic, have hard walls, one of which must be transparent, so that the pet can admire the environment and not lose contact with the owner.
These special modern carriers are radically different from their predecessors:
  • attractive design (retro alarm clock, retro TV, old radio, etc.);
the unusual appearance of the carrier attracts attention and makes the pet a star anywhere!
  • carriers made of high-quality modern plastic resistant to mechanical and temperature influences;
  • a large number of ventilation holes provide the animal with fresh air;
  • comfortable handles allow you to comfortably transport a dog (a cat or a ferret is also possible);
  • the transparent wall allows you to keep in constant contact with the animal;
  • there are models with temperature and humidity sensors.
With such a functional carrier, even an ordinary walk in your neighborhood will be a holiday!
As you can see, the developers have gone to great lengths and created special options for special animals so that we can tell our best friends many times that they are extremely important and dear to us!