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The cat meows at night

City falls asleep - the mafia wakes up!
😼Zoomies in the middle of the night and a long bone-chilling “meow” at 5 in the morning. Does it sound familiar?

How to stop your cat from meowing at night

By nature, cats are nocturnal animals. Most of their activity falls precisely at dawn and dusk. So now we hope you understand "why is the cat suddenly meowing so much?”.

It’s completely normal to their species.

Your cat can really wake you up because of hunger.

😿 Boredom
If an animal doesn’t have “legal” options to put his energy somewhere, if its habitat is too depleted, and we stubbornly ignore its needs for communication, playtime and leisure, it has no choice but to invent entertainment on its own.

💪Unconscious reinforcement.
Every time we react to our furry alarm clock, we reinforce that behavior.
The cat jumps to our head at 5 in the morning - we can't stand it and get up and go to fill the bowl - Bravo, cat! You've trained your human perfectly!
We scolded and resented - if the cat's goal was to get attention anyhow - the goal was achieved, and the "alarm clock" skill was reinforced. A negative reaction is also a reaction!

How to get a normal amount of sleep?

✅ Normalized daily routine, enrichment of the environment and a sufficient amount of activity won't let the animal get bored.
If you want to get normal sleep during the night - you should give your cat a correct amount of activity in the evening (physically or mentally).

✅ Several bowls of food placed in different places around the house or food hidden in different places will save your furry friend from hunger, and you from chronic lack of sleep.
For the most hungry ones you may buy the automatic cat feeder and it will be the perfect solution.

⛔️ Avoid unconscious reinforcement.
So why does my cat cry when i go to bed and how it stops? Sometimes it’s enough to reinforce your cat once “just in time” and it will remember the way to your bedroom and will visit it early in the morning or in the middle of the night on a regular basis.
Until the cat hasn’t learned to play with matches and doesn’t set the house on fire, we do not react to his tricks and ignore this behavior as much as possible.
The animal will try to wake you up a few times, he won’t get anything (not even the tiniest reaction or benefit) and you’ll be left to sleep in peace.

If you are unable to solve this problem on your own - we will be happy to assist and help with your cat.