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Small dogs for the home

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The number of small dog owners is on the rise as more people now live in apartments than ever before. Most owners know how difficult it can be to choose the perfect dog breed, as there are countless small dog breeds. However, choosing the best small dog breeds for an apartment can be easy if you form the right search criteria, because there is much more to consider when choosing a good apartment dog than just looking for small dog breeds. A dog's shedding, tendency to bark, and need for exercise are important factors to consider before getting down to business.

To make your search easier, we have prepared a list of small dog breeds for apartment dwellers and dog lovers. So make yourself comfortable, pour yourself a cup of tea and check out our list of the best dog breeds for apartment living.

List of small breeds

First of all, let's talk about short-haired small breeds of dogs, because apartment dwellers often do not want to put up with the constant cleaning of long hair that pets shed during shedding.

1. Basenji is a unique dog breed, but it is only suitable for you if you are willing to learn and spend a lot of time on raising a dog of this breed. Basenjis have short and smooth coats, so shedding won't be much of a problem, but these dogs have a high energy level, and quite an independent nature. If there is not enough training, they can destroy the apartment, run away, bark a lot.

2. Boston terrier is an energetic dog breed, but at the same time, gentle and affectionate. Small in size, they make good apartment dogs because they have short, smooth coats, but their high energy levels require lots of walks and outdoor play. They tend to overheat, so make sure the room is kept at a moderate temperature.

3. The Chinese crested dog is a breed of indoor decorative dogs. The dog is small, active, elegant, very cheerful. Dogs of this breed can be either naked (fur is only in the head, tail and limbs) or with soft veil-like hair covering the entire body.

Small fluffy dogs are also very popular residents of apartments, because of their soft and fluffy fur, pleasant to the touch, many people are ready to put up with the problems of shedding and combing.

1.Often mistaken for a poodle, the Bichon Frize is a great family dog. Being a small dog breed, they make good apartment dogs and, with the right approach, can easily get along with other animals and people. However, the Bichon has a high energy level, so consider this breed only if you have time for daily walks, games, and other activities.

2. Cairn Terrier - an intelligent and friendly breed is considered one of the best dog breeds for apartments. Inquisitive, they learn quickly, but this cute breed of dog definitely needs to set rules and discipline because it is an independent dog with a character and high energy level. Shedding can also be at a high level, because the dog's coat is hard and with a lot of undercoat.

3. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is quite an active breed, but these small purebred dogs can be one of the best apartment dogs. They are very attached to their humans, so you may find them following you everywhere! This cute dog breed is very social, sociable, playful, if the socialization period is used correctly, they will love people and the company of other animals.

Next, let's talk about the smallest breeds of dogs. Are there really such small dogs that do not grow and always remain the size of a puppy?

1. Maltipoo is a designer breed that inherited the best external and physical qualities of its parents - the Maltese dog and the poodle. Small Maltipa dogs are easy to learn, intelligent, clever, cheerful and non-conflicting, they retain the playfulness and restlessness of a puppy throughout their lives.

2. Chihuahua loves nothing more in life than interacting with people, besides, it is one of the smallest dog breeds in the world. Nevertheless, it is necessary to allocate time every day for walks, mental and physical exercise for this inquisitive researcher. A wonderful apartment dog and a great traveling companion.

3. Pekingese. If you want to have a truly individual personality in your home, the Pekingese may be for you. Well aware of their ancestral royal status, they will welcome you home with dignity and pride, in return giving you their love and affection.For patient owners, they will be one of the best apartment dogs.

What other small breeds of dogs can we call good companions and residents of city apartments? In fact, the list could go on for a very long time, but here are some of them:

1. Brussels griffon
Lively and affectionate, the Brussels Griffon is an active little dog with a very high energy level. Sensitive and energetic, you'll find that Griffons tend to bond closely with one family member. They usually get along with other pets, but can become biters if they are roughed up.

2. Cocker spaniel
Reliable, gentle and loving cocker spaniel loves to please his people. Their small size makes them good apartment dogs. But this is a working breed, they need to sniff a lot, explore, solve various tasks, so this dog is only for people who want to devote their free time to communicating with these beautiful dogs.

3. Japanese Chin, Pekingese
Small breeds of dogs, such as the Japanese Chin, Pekingese, are not suitable for living outdoors and in yards, but they get along perfectly in an apartment. With all the qualities of a companion dog, the Japanese Hin is suitable for those who cannot move quickly and for families with children. Small dogs of the Japanese Hin breed are intelligent and calm, nevertheless, they will be happy for daily walks and games.

4. Shih-tzu
Size, temperament, adaptability, and friendliness make the Shih Tzu the best apartment dog breed. This small breed dog will happily join you for snuggles and cuddles on the sofa. If you have children and pets, don't worry! This breed can be very sociable, with the right approach to education.

5. Silky terrier, Yorkshire terrier
Small dog breeds like the silky terrier and the yorkshire terrier can give a lot of love to their owner. They are happiest when they can spend the whole day in your company. However, this breed is a terrier, and the characteristics of terriers should be taken into account: the need to dig, often loud barking, the need to implement hunting behavior, chasing. To avoid unwanted habits, daily mental and physical exercises are necessary.

Small dog breeds are tiny, fluffy balls of fur and love, ready to curl up in your lap or play ball for hours on end, depending on their personality and activity level. So choose the breed that suits you according to your level of activity, free time, presence of children and other animals, and you will definitely be rewarded with happy moments of a harmonious life with your new pet.