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How to raise a kitten?

How to raise a kitten?

When you face problematic behavior of your cat and try to find a solution, you often find advices such as “poke in the face”, “shake the scruff of the neck”, or the most harmless - “irrigate with water from a spray bottle”.

Using these methods on your cat may seem to work. In most cases, the unwanted behavior stops instantly: a cat that has been sprayed in the face with a spray gun instantly retires from the table.
But in a few days you’ll find your cat on the same table at the same place.

So what's the problem with punishments and why don't they work? - Punishment does not teach the animal what to do and how to do it right!

In addition, punishments have a number of unpleasant consequences:

Punishment develops anxiety and makes animal shy and insecure.

Secrets of raising cats without punishment

Punishment can lead not only to the exacerbation of undesirable behavior, but also to the development of "alternative" undesirable behavior.

A cat starts to fear its human and avoid contact with them. Just because it frankly does not understand what and at what moment to expect from its human. And in this case unpredictable means not safe.

And last but not least: punishment reinforces the punisher, but not the one who's been punished!

So find out how all the same "how to raise a kitten to be nice” without punishments, see also our course “how to take care of a cat”. Realization that some of our actions may instantly stop the unwanted behavior - we often get carried away and use it more and more often, while the real problem will remain unresolved.

Any unwanted feline behavior always has a logical, explainable reason. These reasons can be both behavioral and be the result of health problems.
Sometimes it takes a whole detective investigation to find a real reason for it. But it is definitely worth doing, because this is the first step towards a real, not a temporary solution to the problem.

If your furry friend has turned into a little Devil and you have tried various methods and have not been able to do anything about it - follow the link.