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Walking with a dog in winter

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If your dog does not tolerate the cold well, you may be wondering whether it is worth walking it in winter. Do not be discouraged, with the right approach, walking the dog in winter can even be fun!
How long should a dog walk last in winter - there are many different answers to this question - and they all depend on your puppy, as well as on the weather conditions outside.
If the temperature is above zero, your puppy can stay longer and enjoy playing in the snow, not just a short walk to "do his business". During frost, a walk with a dog can be limited to 30 minutes. With the right winter dog clothes and dog winter boots, your dog may want to stay outside and play even longer. You should be careful when taking your dog outside in very cold weather. Several short walks during the day will help maintain physical activity, preventing the dog from frostbite.
The dog should be trained and alternative forms of physical exercise should be encouraged, such as obstacle courses for dogs indoors or puzzle toys to give them mental and physical stimulation in a warm living room.
As for how to walk a dog in the cold, it is worth planning a safe route. With shorter daylight hours, icy roads and sidewalks, the risk of slipping and getting injured in winter is higher. Choosing safe routes and terrain can help minimize the risk.

Where is the safest place to walk a dog in winter?

Try to stick to more populated areas. If you or your dog slips and falls, you'll at least be able to call for help.
 Although you can let your dog play outside in cold weather, never leave your pet unattended for long periods of time, especially if it is a small breed or a breed with little undercoat, even if it has clothes and shoes.
Watch for signs that the dog is freezing, such as whining, sitting in the doorway, excessively lifting or licking its paws, and shivering. Despite the fact that some breeds are more cold-resistant, no dog should be left outside for a long time without a warm shelter.
To make winter walks more comfortable, you should learn about how to take care of a dog in the cold. For example, cut the fur between the dog's toes short. Ice and snow can accumulate on this fur, causing pain during a walk.
Another important point from the list of how to care for a dog in winter is the constant drying of the dog's paws after a winter walk. This will help remove salt or ice chemicals from your dog's paws before she licks them off.