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How to teach a cat to tear up the trellis in the apartment?

How to teach a cat to tear up the trellis in the apartment?

Cats have academic degrees in design and repair work. To “update” wallpaper, decorate a cabinet or chair legs with an exclusive engraving, test the strength of a sofa upholstery - easy-peasy.
But all these innovations in the interior do not always please the owners.

Why do cats scratch furniture and walls and can we do something to reduce this behavior? - Let’s see!

Claws sharpening is a completely normal and "healthy" feline behavior. In this way, cats mark territory, groom their claws, relieve stress, express arousal, and finally just stretch their backs.

But what is wrong with sofas and wallpaper?😭

From a cat's point of view, a sofa, table, chair, or wall are great scratching surfaces (they're strong and stable enough, high enough and quite comfortable to stick their claws into).

Sofas are often placed in areas of social importance (because the whole family loves to gather on them), which increases their value as a place to socialize and leave their clawed messages.

Another equally important reason for such "sabotage" is the lack of suitable "legal" alternatives for sharpening claws.
Even if the cat has a scratching post, it may well not be liked or not suitable for the animal (too low / thin / unstable / already pretty shabby / standing in an uncomfortable place and many other reasons why the cat may not appreciate this device).

So what should we do at the first place:
  • choose a scratching post that is comfortable and suitable for the cat
  • place a few of them in a different areas around the house if necessary
  • try to cover and protect the places forbidden for scratching
  • -praise and reinforce sharpening claws in the “right” place

It is much easier to introduce your cat to a scratching post from a young age, but adult animals with an already formed “bad” habit are not hopeless at all. It will take more time, patience and your efforts, but the management of the environment and the proper organization of the space make miracles.

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