Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions shall apply to all services provided by the Pets&People School of Pet Understanding (hereinafter referred to as Pets&People), limited to purchases made via our website on Py purchasing the Pets&People services (hereinafter referred to as Services) and using study materials provided by Pets&People (hereinafter referred to as Materials) you agree to these terms and conditions. Pets&People reserves the right to interpret, change or cancel the Terms and Conditions without prior notice. The latest Terms and Conditions are always published on You shall refrain from purchasing services, in case you oppose these terms and conditions.

The services and materials shall be provided to you by Pets&People after such have been purchased in full. Pets&People reserves the right to interpret and change the list of services and content of materials. The latest updates of available services shall be published on

The service shall be considered as provided in full once the link to an appropriate event has been sent and the access to the materials has been provided. Upon the application, you shall provide all the personal data required by Pets&People in the registration form. The provided personal data shall be considered as reliable, by default, upon provision.
Duties and Responsibilities

Pets&People shall provide you with a complete overview of the event or material, if it is demanded by you, prior to purchase.

Pets&People shall reserve the right to alter the time, date (start and final), place and format of service provision, provided that you are informed of such alternations in advance.

Pets&People shall have the right to refuse or cancel your participation in the event or service, in case you violate the rules of conduct, including: incitement of interethnic and religious conflicts, distraction of participants from topic discussed, spam, trolling, advertising, obscene statements, rudeness, insults and other actions interpreted by Pets&People as unacceptable. Pets&People shall also have the right to refuse or cancel your participation in case of establishing the fact that you have transferred the access key for participation to third parties, distributed information and materials received to third parties, retransmission and any reproduction of materials.

Pets&People shall terminate your participation in case of non-payment or partial payment for the service.

Prior to applying for the service, you shall carefully read the conditions of the service at choice and, if necessary, apply for a prior consultation with Pets&People client manager.

You shall notify Pets&People in case certain conditions, due to which your participation in the service or event becomes impossible, arises.

Notify Pets&People about the loss (theft) of the provided materials/accesses/keys/links urgently, but no later than 24 hours from the moment of the occurrence of the event. Otherwise, it shall be regarded as unlawful distribution of Pets&People's intellectual property.

Pets&People reserves the right to unilaterally establish the price and conditions for the provision of services by publishing the information about them on the The latest price updates shall be published on

The service shall be provided once you have paid for it in full, or partially, subject to prior discussion with Pets&People.

The transfer of funds through electronic payment systems or in any other way shall be carried out by you, independently. Any errors occurred during payment transfer shall be subject to your liability. All costs associated with the transfer of funds shall be borne by you.

The price for the service shall be identified in USD (United States dollar) and be subject to conversion with official exchange rates, in case the transfer is made in a different currency.

Services shall be considered as rendered properly, provided and accepted by you in full, if Pet&People has not received from any notice of motivated written objections or complaints to regarding the services provided on the email address specified on the website no later than the last day of the provision of the services.

The paid amount may be refunded in the following cases:

  • when applying no later than 14 days before the start of the event, the amount paid shall refunded, excluding the commission of the payment system or bank;

  • when applying no later than 10 days before the start of the event, 50% of the amount paid shall be refunded;

  • no refund shall be made if applied less than 10 days before the start of the event. The amount paid by you shall be considered as the actual costs incurred by Pets&People staff when preparing for the event and shall not be subject to refunding;

  • no refund shall be made if you were absent from the service at the date and time, specified by Pets&People.

Pets&People shall be held liable for any circumstances that delay or make impossible the service provision.

Pets&People shall not be held liable for the actions of third parties involved while providing services.

You shall be obliged to compensate all losses and lost profits of Pets&People, caused as a result of violation of these terms and conditions, in full. Any transfer of information received, including, but not limited to, the recording and / or distribution of recordings of the Online broadcast / Video course, etc., or part thereof, without the prior written permission of Pets&People management, in particular the Head, Natalia Podobrieieva, shall be regarded as violation of intellectual property rights and compensated in the form of a fine in the amount ten times greater than the cost of the service chosen.

Pets&People shall not be held liable for your non-participation in the event/service provision.

Pets&People shall not be held liable for any decisions you have made based on the information provided.

Pets&People shall not be held liable for any acts made in case the personal data you have provided is fake.

Pets&People shall not be held liable if the service provision has been terminated/canceled due to reasons unrelated to Pets&People and outside of Pets&People's scope of control.

The Parties shall be released from liability, for full or partial failure to fulfill their obligations, in the event of occurrence of force majeure circumstances (force majeure) that arose after the purchase of the service. Force majeure circumstances include: natural disasters, strikes, changes in the current legislation, decisions of policymakers, declaration of war, outbreak of hostilities, blockade, embargo, international sanctions etc. The Party for which force majeure circumstances have occurred shall be obliged, within 72 hours from the moment of their occurrence, to notify the other Party of such facts and indicate the approximate duration of such force majeure circumstances. Proper evidence of the existence of force majeure circumstances is a certificate from the authorized body at the place of occurrence of such circumstances or at the location of the Party, which refers to the following circumstances. In the presence of force majeure circumstances, the period for the Parties to fulfill their obligations under this Agreement shall be extended for the duration of the force majeure circumstances.
Dispute Settlement

All disputes arising shall be resolved through negotiations between the Parties. If the relevant dispute cannot be resolved through negotiations, it shall be resolved in court at the place of registration of Pets&People.

The parties shall consider all business and personal information transmitted in between them to each other as confidential information, including: personal data, information about clients, partners, methods, techniques, personal relationships and other information determined by the Parties, jointly or separately, as confidential.

The parties shall not disclose confidential information to anyone, except as required by the applicable laws of the country of Pets&People, i.e. to comply with the requirements of authorities, law enforcement agencies or courts, or when the information is publicly available, or by mutual agreement of the parties.
Intellectual Property Rights

Any materials, graphics or designs contained on the Website and provided to the Customer electronically, with identification marks (such as the logo/watermark of the Pets&People School of Pet Understanding and other signs defined by Pets&People as marks indicating ownership), shall be considered as the property of Pets&People and shall be protected by the copyright law.

The Parties have unconditionally agreed that any intellectual property rights, including exclusive intellectual property rights (exclusive right to use, exclusive right to permit the use, right to prevent misuse, including prohibition of such use, etc.) to any materials (text, audio, video, graphic and any other materials), access to which has been provided to you as part of the provision of the Services, shall be fully attributed to Pets&People and other copyright holders during the entire term of intellectual property rights.

You shall be prohibited from copying, reproducing, distributing or in any other way using the information and materials provided by Pets&People for commercial or non-commercial purposes, creating information products based on it and using this information in any other way, except for personal use.

Services shall be provided for personal use by you. The transfer of keys (details) of access to events/online broadcasts/video sessions, etc. to third parties for their joint use without the written permission of Pets&People shall be considered as violation of copyrights. Full and exclusive right to the products of the events/online broadcasts/video sessions, etc. shall belong to Pets&People or other third parties, involved by Pets&People for educational purposes.

Recordings of events/online broadcasts/video sessions shall be intended solely for your own personal needs. Further distribution, resale, reproduction, copying, processing, coding and publication of information obtained from electronic versions of the publication shall be prohibited. You or the User of the email, to which the electronic publication has been sent, shall not have the right to provide access to it to other individuals or organisations, and shall not have the right to publish, make public, reproduce, distribute, process, compile and decompile, publicly use and demonstrate for any purpose electronic versions of publications, in any form, in part or in full, without the written consent of Pets&People.

You shall be obliged to compensate Pets&People for losses associated with the violation of these terms and conditions in full, and shall be liable in accordance with the current legislation on the protection of intellectual property rights.

These terms and conditions shall become valid once they have been published on and remain in force until further changes are made to it.
Company Information

Stockholm, Sweden
Podobrieieva Natalia
Availiable 24/7

+46 76 306 43 25


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